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Effective Real-Time Marketing

Marketing Solutions, Inc. is America's pioneer and leader in real-time marketing, sales promotion, digital advertising, and consumer loyalty services exclusively targeted to inner-city consumers with complete business accountability. Without exception and only with exacting detail, planning, programming, and our very own proprietary plants and equipment, our products and services are designed to be interactive, real-time, and uniformly dashboard accessible.

While our consumers delight in the experience, our grocers and consumer packed goods (CPG's) clients can, via license, connect in real-time with our consumers to interact with, affect, and/or review the most progressive and reliable revenue generation systems available with exceptional efficiency.

As Marketing Solutions, Inc. is the exclusive sales, advertising, sales promotion, data analytics, and consumer loyalty franchise development advisor and consultant of the Grocer Exchange, we are very proud to share some of the other outstanding firms that are official members of the Grocer Exchange along with providing a brief summary of the services they offer:

  1. Precision Sales America, the exclusive in-store sales development broker for The Grocer Exchange, LLC.
  2. MarketWatch Data Corporation is the official and exclusive data collection, organization and real-time data transmission services provider for the Grocer Exchange.
  3. The Grocer Exchange is America's premier independent grocer network, category sales, marketing, and empowerment organization exclusively dedicated to serving America's vast independent supermarket segment in the championship of in excess of 2,200 grocer members and the fifty million multicultural consumers served.
  4. Stratmar Corporation is the official sampling and demo services provider along with on-site detailing and member education services for The Grocer Exchange.


Marketing Solutions partner services are available through The Grocer Exchange, LLC and qualified marketing consultants & service companies who partner with us as owned and operated Grocer Exchange companies. Immediately below are those superb firms with the expertise and experience to deliver complete solutions tailored to meet the needs of our clients, some of the most discerning world class consumer packaged goods manufacturers and financial services companies in America.

If you are not among these very best and interested in consideration, we invite you to contact us.


Marketing Solutions, Inc.
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Precision Sales America, Inc.
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Grocer Exchange
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RPR Coupon Redemption Processing
A Grocer Exchange Coupon Services Company
Tel. 908-362-7080

StratMar Retail Services
Tel. 1-800-866-2399

Broadway Energy
Tel. 718-205-1800

Next Orbit
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The Grocer Exchange
Continuing Education Services
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