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Established in January, 1988, for more than three decades, Marketing Solutions, typically retained by senior management, exclusively serving Fortune 500 companies, has enjoyed the privilege of consistently and reliably delivering beyond goal advice, guidance, consulting, and complete implementation services with particular emphasis to strategic planning; actual marketing communications creative development & production; all phases of retail sales development along with new product planning & development with highly advanced and extraordinary success within the consumer packages goods and financial services industries.  In the process thereof, our leadership and team members are proud to boast that we have been associated with and inspired by some of the greatest titans in American sales, marketing, public relations and advertising history, including but not limited to:

  • Don Passante
  • Arturo Rodriguez
  • John Bunburry
  • Armondo Roura
  • Elario Torres
  • Bernie Grant
  • Ed Grant
  • Henry Kornhauser
  • John Calene
  • Tom Quinlin
  • Jerry Scorse
  • Jim Maloney
  • John Skulley
  • Johnny Miller
  • Marshall Karp
  • Loretta Volpe
  • Phil Dusenburry
  • John Walk
  • Hal Donofrio
  • Rick Braddock
  • John Reed
  • Ned Johnson
  • Steve Strawsburg
  • David Novak
  • Mark Rothman
  • Ken Angel
  • Larry Wassong
  • Phil Shaner
  • John Shostak
  • Jim Johnston
  • Royal Mack
  • Michael Bender
  • Cathy Chizauskas
  • Dan Williams
  • Mark Koresmeyer
  • Jim Maynard
  • And So Many More

Marketing Solutions, Inc. is America's most fortunate and privileged choice for truly reliable, measurable, and results-driven multicultural sales and marketing advice and guidance.

Unparalleled Experience and Best Practice Excellence

With over a quarter of a century of outstanding achievement, when America seeks its very best choice for:

  • Strategic Marketing
  • Sales Management
  • Inner City Sales Data Collection
  • Inner City Sampling & Demos
  • Smartphone Mobile Marketing
  • Shelf & Display Detailing
  • Digital In-Store Advertising
  • Cash Register Scan Programs
  • Smart Shelf Marketing
  • Inner City Sales Development
  • Inner-City Couponing
  • Shopping Cart Advertising
  • Real-Time Retail
  • Surface Auditing
  • In-Store POP Placement
  • Cash Register Tape Advertising
  • Mobile Video Advertising
  • Multicultural Trade Marketing
  • Consumer Loyalty Card Products
Frank Edward Romero

Marketing Solutons, Inc. provides the marketing experience and excellence necessary and demanded where it is needed and where it is needed within America's most fascinating multicultural grocery markets of New York, Illinois, Texas, California and Florida with the immediacy frequently required by expanding national and super regional brands. Further, we are proud to announce that in September 2019, we shall be expanding our multicultural sales and marketing services to include Maryland, Georgia, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri and Arizona.