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In the quarter of a century of our proud existence, Marketing Solutions, Inc. has grown enviably and reliably, year-after-year, during periods of great national economic prosperity and recessionary downturns. This is an accomplishment, for certain, for the "quiet company" of the multicultural strategic planning and marketing consulting industry.

By way of quick review of the industry, it does not take much effort to think of or recall the many firms, big and small, that once were in business but are now long gone. Where in many cases these firms sought to operate collectively under one roof; that is not the business development philosophy among the Marketing Solutions, Inc. family of fine companies.

We operate as a mini-conglomerate of like-minded, complementary companies, always interested in sharing clients and always interested in sharing finances as may be required from time to time.

Above and beyond all other matters, we are a firm driven by excellence and excellence only. We are the living, breathing, and total embodiment of best practices; and our associates and partner firms are always at the forefront of innovation and category leadership.

In the event you may be interested in becoming a member of our team, we openly share that we are currently looking to acquire:

  1. A multicultural/Hispanic advertising agency.
  2. A multicultural/Hispanic public relations & publicity firm.
  3. An advanced multicultural/Hispanic quantitative and qualitative consumer marketing research firm with exceptional credentials and achievements in the areas of the directive and adaptive consumer behavior, purchase motivation assessment, positioning immersion, product comsuption  monitoring & modeling and digital marketing communications effectiveness.

Assuming you are among any of the above and are interested in initiating a conversation, please contact our Chief Revenue Generation Officer, Mr. Frank Edward Romero at (339) 502-0373.

We eagerly look forward to speaking with you soon.

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